Aero Magic at Dunwich for Fly-In Breakfast

Added: 22 July 2017

See what the Aero Circus Team got up to here -

Aero Circus and Friends

To make it more interesting, Dunwich airport is situated in a bowl-shaped depression, with trees all around. The strip itself is grass over sand and, some say, was levelled by a blind man on a dark night. Once you make your CTAF calls, master the approach over a tree-lined ridge and get your descent profile just right, you touch down on a corrugated surface that wants to flick you back up into the air at several points. Add the excitement of various native fauna trying to have their breakfast on your runway, and it all adds up to a challenging morning’s adventure. Sure beats the hell out of landing on a boring sealed runway with ATC watching your back.

Breakfast was ‘all you can eat without going over MTOW’ and surprisingly ‘gourmet’, with a wide selection of fruit, freshly barbequed bacon, eggs, snags, mushies and other delights as well as toast and a wide selection of hot and cold drinks.

Some of the Aero Circus magicians put on a show for the punters, while others checked out the wide range of sometimes strange and unusual aircraft, some of which looked like they had been reassembled by the same guy who built the runway.

Once it was all over, the process was repeated and all the happy ‘customers’ were returned to Archerfield, just in time for lunch.


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