General Flying Progress Test (GFPT)


Step 1: Trial Instructional Flight

Getting Started: Stop Dreaming and Start Flying!

Your first step towards becoming a pilot could not be easier. Just take an obligation free Trial Instructional Flight (T.I.F) with Gil Layt's Flying School and experience the actual thrill of flying with an Instructor. You will sit in the Pilot's seat and be given the opportunity to operate the controls throughout most of the flight, while basic aircraft control will be demonstrated and discussed - you'll even have certain features and landmarks pointed out to you! Let us show you how easy it really is to fly a light aircraft. Total cost of this flight is  $125.00 for approximately 25 minutes in the air. You are under no obligation after this flight to continue with flying lessons. Note, this flight will also count towards your training hour requirements.

Step 2: Issue of Your Student Pilot's Licence

The student licence is issued by the CASA once your security check has been cleared by the A.F.P and ASIO. The student licence and medical must both be issued before your first SOLO flight but is not necessary to commence your training.

Step 3: The Medical Assessment

Anyone with good health can fly. This assessment can only be completed by certain Doctors who are trained and approved by CASA. This is a necessary formality for the issue of your Student Licence.

Step 4: Instigate a Flying Program

You are the customer and as such we will always try to fit in with you. You can fly as often as you wish and book your lessons anytime; 7 days a week. It is recommended each flying lesson should take between 60 to 90 minutes which will minimise air time in and out of the schools training area. Before each flight you will be given a briefing on the sequences to be expected and after landing, a debrief will be available as required. These briefings are included as part of the lesson and are not charged separately.

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