Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

For this licence we use Cessna 172's and a Piper Warrior. Both aircraft types can be used for the PPL and NVFR. But let's go back a little. You have another examination to be passed which covers Meteorology, Navigation and Flight Rules and Procedures.

Getting your PPL is easy and can generally be broken down into a number of steps:-

  • Trial Instructional Flight
  • Application of a Student Pilot's Licence and ASIC
  • Passing a Medical assessment conducted by an approved CASA medical examiners (can commence training while waiting for appointment)
  • Commence flight training towards your General flying progress test (GFPT)
  • Purchase theory books and commence theory training
  • Passing the Pre Solo Exam (including Radio Procedures and Air Legislation);
  • Having your First Solo Flight;
  • Passing the Pre Area Solo Exam;
  • Passing the Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) Exam;
  • Passing the General Flying Progress Test (GFPT).

You're now licenced to carry passengers on your own, within the confines of the training area which covers Stradbroke Island and Beaudesert. Only three more steps to your unrestricted licence!

  • Passing the PPL (A) Exam;
  • Successfully completing a combination of approximately 10 solo and instructor navigational exercises.
  • Passing the PPL Flight Test.

Once you've successfully passed the PPL theory and flight tests, you will be issued with a Private Pilot's Licence and the sky's the limit!

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